Welcome to the Lukarick Stream Satisfactory Dedicated Server Section. If you would like an invite to the server please contact me either through discord, Twitch, YouTube, etc. Below are the rules for the server please respect these rules.

Server Info

To get the server info please contact me on Discord. Currently our server will allow 8 players at a time but we can increase this as need/donations require.

I have full control over the server, can reboot, add blueprints, edit save files, etc so if you need any of this please feel free to ask, Please keep any save edit requests to community designs etc. just so I’m not editing the save file every other day. If you would like a copy of the save file please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll send it to you and you can copy it to your standalone instance of Satisfactory.


  1. Have fun build your own buildings tap into whatever resources are free and make this place your own.
  2. Put your name/color on your builds. Check the name/color list at the Hub for in use colors.
  3. Invite your friends.
  4. Donate to the maintenance of the server. (While this is not required it is greatly appreciated and will go toward the server either improving the specs, increasing the player limit, etc.)
  5. Respect everyone on the server. Don’t kill “ghost” (disconnected) avatars.


  1. Do not mess with anyone else’s build. People take their time and talent to build within this world please don’t mess (change (this includes “trying to help”, delete, otherwise sabotage) with their builds. This includes community buildings.
  2. Green containers are community items. Anything in them is open to the community. Please don’t mess with the settings in the community storage area unless you watch the below video and understand what you’re doing. If you have questions ask!!!
  3. Don’t mess with power. If you need more power please let me know and I’ll make it happen but everything is currently stable and should have enough overhead to get us into the oil power stages.
  4. Do not mess with others vehicles. I’ve tried to set up the current transport network to handle what it can handle. If you need to add something to the network feel free but please don’t mess with the green vehicles.
  5. This is a private community server. Do not give out the password to anyone else. Luka is the only one that should be giving out the password to the server.

Disconnected and Re-Spawn at Hub

If you disconnect and re-spawn at the hub with no inventory and hotbar items… unfortunately you have to go find yourself in the world and ummm yeah get violent until it drops your chest. Then you get your inventory back.

If you have any questions concerns suggestions etc. please feel free to reach out to me otherwise happy building!