Stream Activites

(Things you can do in the stream)

Bot Commands

Currently the enabled bot commands are:

!points – Check your current loyalty points
!redeem – Redeem a loyalty reward (Full list of rewards available at: lukarick / Streamlabs)
!social – Displays my social media links
!vote <option> – register your vote in an active poll
!discord – Gives the link to The Phantom Troupe Discord
!website – Gives the link to
!lurk – Let the steam know you’re around but not really paying attention to the chat.
!hug – The bot will hug you
!commands – lists the bots commands
!tip – Tells you how you can donate to the stream
!merch – Gives you a link to the merch store

Ways to Earn Loyalty Points (Lukas)

1. Watch the stream – for every 60 mins watched you get 60 loyalty points.
2. Be active in the chat – If you’re active in the chat you not only get the 60 per hour but an additional 20 per hour on top of it.
3. Follow – Following me gets you an instant 50 points
4. Subscribe – Subscribing gets you a whopping 5000 points
5. Host my Channel – If you host the channel you get 100 points each time you host it.
6. Radio my Channel – If you raid my channel you get 1000 points each time you raid.
7. Donate (tip) whatever you want to call it – Donate to my StreamLabs tip page and get a whopping 1000 per each dollar you donate.

Channel Points (Lukas)

I’ve got a lot of fun rewards below are just a few of my favorites.  

100 Lukas – Change my Lights to whatever color you like on Stream
100 Lukas – Play the I’m Batman Clip
500 Lukas – Make Dobby from the Harry Potter series or Spider-Man dance
1,000 Lukas – Pick a BattlePet from my collection and name it whatever you like (within TOS)
10,000 Lukas – Flashbang me totally blanking my screen and boosting all my lights to 100% blinding me
10,000 Lukas – Tell me what you want your own custom Bot command to be and what you want it to do.  Can do anything from changing my lights to playing an effect.   You will also be the only one that can trigger this command (unless it’s just that good).
100,000 Lukas – I will create a new WoW Character you choose Race, Class, and Name and I’ll level it live on stream.  (If it starts at level 50+ I’ll level it in one stream (marathon stream) or if it starts below level 50 I’ll level it across multiple streams.


Bit Purchases

100 Bits – Change my lights to whatever color you like
200 Bits – Lots of screen blanks and jumpscares

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